Overall economic environment affecting real estate in south africa

A cabinet reshuffle was announced by Zuma in March led to the dismissal of Gordhan as finance minister along with his deputy Mcebisi Jonas. During Apartheid and its sequel, property prices had badly lagged the economy, as the security situation went from bad to worse.

What factors affect the real estate market?

The economy It seems like every real estate downturn gets blamed on the economy. Looking to sell your home. I see this snowball effect every day and it breaks my heart. As a result and due to their popularity with first-time buyers the company has seen a continued preference for sectional title properties over free-standing ones.

For example, if politicians are feuding over financial conditions, the real estate market could be affected as result of the dispute. The purchaser of the property is required to deduct a prescribed percentage from the proceeds of the sale and remit it directly to the South African Revenue Service before paying the balance to the seller.

This is one of the pillars of a developed community. InSouth Africa had its slowest expansion for seven years with only 0. Inhouse prices fell by 0.

The influence of politics on the real estate market

In recent history, stats have shown that the number of sellers selling due to immigration has doubled. In addition, neighborhoods are affected.

Socio-Economic Issues Could Impact Market

House price rises peaked in October with Demographics - are the data that describes thecomposition of a population, such as age, race, gender, income,migration patterns and population growth.

However, all foreign funds remitted to the country must be declared and documented. Another factor in real estate investing is the availability of real estate to acquire for investment purposes.

This all leads to a rising household debt-to-disposable-income ratio.

4 Key Factors That Drive the Real Estate Market

Demography is the study of the characteristics of human populations. If one or two people on a single block foreclose, the bank takes it over. For houses measuring less than 80 sq. All of these directly affect the real estate market, and under eachfactor lies more specific, indirect factors that also tweaks howthe market perfroms both in local and nationwide markets.

One of the major concerns for buyers looking at farm properties is the land reform situation. According toInvestopediathese are: How changes in the demographic and economic environment affect marketing decisions.

If inflation accelerates as it is tipped to do, working-class households will be hit hardest as the cost of food and fuel would increase yet again.

Now the local contractors, plumbers, electricians and the neighborhood shops and restaurants are making less money. Factors such as politics and natural gas and oil production contribute to the state of the economy and, in turn, the real estate market.

The tougher the banks get, the harder it is for buyers to get approved for a mortgage. However, Loos pointed out some risks that might affect the price growth such as the political uncertainty leading to the general elections, as well as credit rating downgrades.

It has formidable manufacturing and financial sectors. The current pace of growth will not be enough to reduce unemployment. The main factor affecting the current status of economic growth inSouth Africa is industrial production and car manufacturing.

Thesetwo factors helped South Africa's economy g row in and.

6 South African property trends you need to know in 2017

The demographic environment affects real estate because certain demographics of the population have different needs. We have seen major changes in the real estate market over the years, but the entry of new buyers into the market are surely welcomed,” says Craig Hutchison CEO of Engel & Völkers Southern Africa.

The role which politics plays towards foreign investors is immense. “House price inflation in Gauteng has underperformed the national index in recent years, as the subdued economic environment takes its toll on South Africa’s industrial heartland”.

South Africa’s success in reforming its economic policies is probably best reflected by its GDP figures, which reflected an unprecedented 62 quarters of uninterrupted economic growth between andwhen GDP rose by %. Potentially difficult times lie ahead for South Africa’s property market which was only just beginning to make a comeback says auctioneering firm Park Village Auction’s Jaco du Toit who heads up the company’s property division.

“There’s a lot going on on the socio-economic front which.

Overall economic environment affecting real estate in south africa
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6 South African property trends you need to know in